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Hi, my name is Bill Parr. In addition to running my own successful consulting company, I’ve held senior level positions in a wide range of organisations throughout Australasia and the Pacific Islands across most sectors, and I have served on the Board of a number of global organisations that are based in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and in Asia.  I have a history of successful management and leadership of organisations with a total budget of more than US$100 million per annum. I can therefore lay a claim to knowing what I’m talking about and have ‘been there, done that’.

 Most SEO companies measure their success by page rankings or increase in traffic to your website. Quite frankly, if you take that sort of information to your bank as part of a loan application, the Manager is more likely than not going to say ‘that’s interesting….so what!’

 You see, fundamentally in business,  revenue is king and even if your website SEO strategy is generating heaps of new traffic, and improved page rankings, if that is not being converted into cold, hard improvements in your sales revenue, then it really is a matter of ‘so what’.


 The internet as a whole is a great media for advertising and promoting your business products and services, and it is absolutely critical that your online strategy is spot on. BUT, (and this is where many companies go wrong), the internet is just one element of your whole marketing mix. Let me give you one example.  Imagine if you will responding to an advert in the newspaper or on tv inviting you to the grand opening of a new store in town. You arrive, along with hundreds of others only to find that the store itself looks unappealing, the stock is not what you expected or it’s over-priced.  It doesn’t matter how many visitors the store gets, sales revenue is going to be poor.

 So, by all means get your online strategy right, but don’t forget to make sure that the rest of your marketing mix is also right;



What   products / services for what Market Segments given competitive /   alternatives?


Where   are these to be made available and / or how to access?


What   is the customer’s cost for them and any variable features and support?



How   will these be promoted / sold to the potential customers?

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